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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing started with sms advertising, and with the introduction of customized mobile browsers, sponsored ads made its debut on internet enable hand-held devices. Sms marketing include sending ads messages containing back-link to the advertiser’s website, or short-code numbers, for message recipients to route their action response. Though unsolicited for, this marketing method has been effective and endure.

While the crude sms marketing method persist, web developers borrowed from it’s alert innovation to device more acceptable sms notification, interfaced with e-mail listing  and other advert subscription, for the benefit of larger internet marketing. Sms notification have so far proven to be an efficient referral utility, that alert  suscribers of latest update on their favourite websites. Google, FaceBook and Twtter utilize sms alert notification on their platform to draw subscribers attention to latest development relating to individual subscriber’s interest.

Facebook and Twitter are websites known for dynamic page updates culture, where subscribers update or communicate with friends and followers on the social networks. The seize-less flurry of communication activities on social networks are mostly done via mobile phones and smart hand-held devices. This attribute of mobile devices, and population of mobile phone users, makes mobile marketing indispensable marketing strategy for entrepreneurs with internet presence, to leverage on it’s advantage and stay ahead of their competitors. Retailers are now kin on displaying their products on the popular social networks platform for visitors followership. Any social community members, kin about receiving instant notification of updates on their favourite websites, willingly submit their phone numbers on the personal data page of the social network site, for the free service.

Apps vendors, Job Vacancy portals, Telecom Operators, Social Media Network, including professional motivators, and many more service providers uses sms campaign to back-link potential customers to their websites, or inspired recipients to take action, using supplied short-code route via sms service. There is hardly any online entrepreneurs, big or small, with aggressive business drive mind-set, that can afford to neglect the social network platform. In fact, there is hardly, an online business, that’s not connected to at least two or more of these social network websites either, as advertiser for aggressive mobile marketing campaign drive in their businesses.

Sponsored Ads, is advertising solution that entail photo display of products with short descriptive message. This advertisement was in the past, view on TV as motion pictures and static in print media. Online, internet marketing are view on large screen internet device. But the story is different today, as smart mobile devices are now enable on customized browsers, to display product photos with descriptive contents. Well package products display attract attention more than contents. It has the power to impress visitors to take spontaneous look-and-feel click-through action, especially on mobile set. And since every click action has it’s cost, the publishers and marketers are smiling, as they make money from every click-through to  advertiser’s website, irrespective of whether the visitors make purchases or not. Mobile marketing have thus, in space of time, turned a gold mine for the marketing industry.

Entrepreneurs are always on the look-out for where to shift attention in a trending environment. The orientation now is that, internet enabled smart devices have become a companion tool in the hands of people that seek latest information, at any point in time. These web surfers are seen by internet marketers and online entrepreneurs as veritable audience, possibly convertible to customers. And the best strategy to adopt is to integrate customized mobile application into their website.

Findings by internet marketing research firms have been concurrent in their submission that, there is growing determination in the ranks of enterprenuers with internet presence, of desire, to leverage their businesses on the advantage of mobile marketing growing popularity. A recent Facebook activities and financial report and some others led credence to this assertion.

Mobile sponsored ads borrowed from the click-through campaign program of the likes of Google’s AdSense program. For instance, in the social network platform, the publisher, i.e. Facebook, scan the the personal data of it’s members to determine what ads to display on their pages to attract favourable response. Websites with visible stats, are also helping their business in making extra profit from mobile marketing on their sites by customizing their web pages for ads publication on small screen devices.

To discernible business mind, considering the multitude follower-ship of Facebook, Twitter including similar other social media network, such platform are unavoidable. Facebook, Twitter, PInterest and Instagram are hubs of commercial activities for retailers to partner the publishers for advertisement of their wares on pages of potential customers that subscribe with these publishers. Streamlined ads, displayed on social network members’ pages work so well for PPC mobile marketing campaign, as products display are relevant and tend to be eye-catching, and tempting to click, even when one is not ready to take action immediately.

Considering the hundreds of millions of individuals and the business community world-wide that log-on to the internet via mobile devices, from all part of the world, one cannot agree less with experts submission that it’s only a matter of time for mobile marketing dominance of e-commerce advertising.


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