Invite A Friend

Invite A Friend is a feature created on web pages purposely, to relate ones experience about product or service and recommend same to interested friends for a trial. It is another internet marketing strategy that niche market web owners takes advantage of, to generate viral effect for maximum gain in their business ventures. Business promotion via this medium, is not limited to online campaign.

Information sharing about products and services also thrive offline, at friends or group discuss forum. The end result of offline information sharing of common interest issue, lead to exchange of address (e-mail or website). Membership sign-on is a common feature on most websites, being a strategy to enlist as many as possible loyal customers for viral effect purpose. These website members are the potential instrument of information spread about website with unique contents. All the instances mentioned, are attributes of Invite A Friend scheme.

This feature also called, “Tell A Friend” or “Share with Friend” is targeted at patrons of product, service or lovers of social website, by webmasters to attract more visitors traffic through these loyal customers. Facebook, Twitter and other social network websites uses this method approach to build their vast network of membership. Recommendation of products or services by people with first-hand knowledge adds value, because it is a testimony of an experienced consumers. This make the feature, one sure way of converting new customers that merchants can reliably capitalize on for good returns on investment.

Merchants apt of the importance of the viral effect of information spread, are quick to appreciate their customers value, and readily reward loyal customers for recommending their products or service. Invite a friend can be looked at as, an extension of Affiliate Program in the sense that, a product value is share with friends or an acquaintance of similar interest. Information spread through this medium, quickly result to conversion of targeted audience because, they will arrive at the product website with a mind-set to purchase without hesitation.

Invite a friend is a piece of prepared short message script, send to friends e-mail address by a consumer, affirming product usage and recommendation of its trial by the recipients. The patrons only enter the e-mail address of receiving friend, that the message is meant for. The message contains a web-link that take the recipients to the recommended product website by clicking-through the link.

As mark of appreciation and to stimulate participation, compensations are awarded referrals in the promotion campaign scheme. When referred visitors purchase, coupon or percentage discount, are some of the alternate compensations awarded the referral loyal patrons in their subsequent future purchases.