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Having get a web site structure ready, the next step is, launching the web structure for the world attention. Web hosting means, making website accessible world-wide, via the internet. Internet connectivity access is available to all size of online business. All that is needed is registration of the website domain name with a web host company.

Web hosting entails provision of server space to host, clients files and data storage. The service provider should have capacity to accommodate all size of business website such that, a growing business concern can easily upgrade its data base conveniently in future.

Well establish hosting firm must have in place, standardize business plan to meet clients need in terms of size and price affordability. For instance, an up-and-coming small-scale online store, may need small band-width space just enough to propel the business in the interim, while big companies can afford to stand alone, and maintain a standard hosting server conveniently.

Standard web host service providers must offer three to four package of the service. They should be able to give professional counseling to clients about the service that’ll suit a particular business need.

Web hosting solution is categorized. Primary web hosting service, combine many small-scale web sites in one web server. These websites are allocated small bandwidth size each, on the same serve, enough to carry their business requirement. Single-server hosting numbers of web sites is ideal only for websites with minimal update, or non-profitable websites.

Reason is that, all serves are prone to break down with increase in web traffic flow or short-down for regular maintenance service. Since websites on a primary web host runs on a single server, anytime this server is down, all websites on it will be down until the serve runs again. This may constitute a nasty experience to web visitors and discourage a return visit.

Medium grade hosting service plan include, dedicated web server and database allocated to one web site. Websites with this hosting plan, singularly maintain its server. Thus, giving room for bigger bandwidth to accommodate higher web traffic flow and enough database size. Visitors are able to load to web sites faster and the server will hardly crash due to large traffic flow. But, maintenance issue is still an inevitable challenge of this service plan as it has to undergo the check routing once-a-while.

If as a result of business growth, the single-server, medium host service becomes inadequate to accommodate visitors rush to the web sites then, a higher grade plan becomes a necessity.

Higher web host plan, is an upgrade, combining two or three web servers including application servers that is dedicated to one web site. This type of hosting service, is capable of handling heavy web traffic flow, such as social network sites and corporate organization with large clients. This category of host plan will withstand any size of visitors traffic at anytime of the day without experiencing a break down. If any of the server is shut-down for maintenance, load on the down server can be spread on order servers without itches to the web visitors.

Many e-commerce solution providers offer web hosting service. But it’s advisable that one looks or conduct a due diligent search, to ascertain a service provider that merit the highlighted criteria above. But Google and Yahoo! are two major, and highly reliable, “One-Stop-Shop” for e-commerce solution service available world-wide.


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  1. Don’t forget, when you go with a specific hosting service, you are often inheriting their customer support standards. As a result, it’s a good idea to aim for a hosting server with a record of helping and supporting its customers in reaching their solutions. I use Nannex for my web hosting. You wante to be sure to select a secure trustworthy site.

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