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Web Hosting

Having get a web site structure ready, the next step is, launching the web structure for the world attention. Web hosting means, making website accessible world-wide, via the internet. Internet connectivity access is available to all size of online business. All that is needed is registration of the website domain name with a web host company.

Web hosting entails provision of server space to host, clients files and data storage. The service provider should have capacity to accommodate all size of business website such that, a growing business concern can easily upgrade its data base conveniently in future.

Well establish hosting firm must have in place, standardize business plan to meet clients need in terms of size and price affordability. For instance, an up-and-coming small-scale online store, may need small band-width space just enough to propel the business in the interim, while big companies can afford to stand alone, and maintain a standard hosting server conveniently.

Standard web host service providers must offer three to four package of the service. They should be able to give professional counseling to clients about the service that’ll suit a particular business need.

Web hosting solution is categorized. Primary web hosting service, combine many small-scale web sites in one web server. These websites are allocated small bandwidth size each, on the same serve, enough to carry their business requirement. Single-server hosting numbers of web sites is ideal only for websites with minimal update, or non-profitable websites.

Reason is that, all serves are prone to break down with increase in web traffic flow or short-down for regular maintenance service. Since websites on a primary web host runs on a single server, anytime this server is down, all websites on it will be down until the serve runs again. This may constitute a nasty experience to web visitors and discourage a return visit.

Medium grade hosting service plan include, dedicated web server and database allocated to one web site. Websites with this hosting plan, singularly maintain its server. Thus, giving room for bigger bandwidth to accommodate higher web traffic flow and enough database size. Visitors are able to load to web sites faster and the server will hardly crash due to large traffic flow. But, maintenance issue is still an inevitable challenge of this service plan as it has to undergo the check routing once-a-while.

If as a result of business growth, the single-server, medium host service becomes inadequate to accommodate visitors rush to the web sites then, a higher grade plan becomes a necessity.

Higher web host plan, is an upgrade, combining two or three web servers including application servers that is dedicated to one web site. This type of hosting service, is capable of handling heavy web traffic flow, such as social network sites and corporate organization with large clients. This category of host plan will withstand any size of visitors traffic at anytime of the day without experiencing a break down. If any of the server is shut-down for maintenance, load on the down server can be spread on order servers without itches to the web visitors.

Many e-commerce solution providers offer web hosting service. But it’s advisable that one looks or conduct a due diligent search, to ascertain a service provider that merit the highlighted criteria above. But Google and Yahoo! are two major, and highly reliable, “One-Stop-Shop” for e-commerce solution service available world-wide.

eCommerce Solution

Payment Gateways

Payment gateway is an infrastructure installed by Payment Service Providers (PSPs), in merchant web stores to facilitate e-commerce payment transaction. For secure online payment transaction, PSPs incorporate security seal in merchants payment gateway system in compliance with PCI rules, to ensure data security.

The system gather essential personal and card data supplied by cardholders, en route them through to the e-commerce payment process, for verification of information supply. Result of the transaction is equally channel back through the payment gateway system, for the merchant to decipher and take final decision.

Google Checkout is one example of an online payment processor, that facilitate acceptance of credit/debit cards in “card not present” transactions.

Cardholders in some countries around the world, enjoy further security service advantage, offer by Visa card and MasterCard, to protect payment cards data from unauthorized person access. Cardholders should visit website of their card brand issuers, to sign-up their cards for activation. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, are unique password code, drawn personally by cardholders during their card registration.

This password, apart from the Card Verification Value (CVV2) and Card Validation Code (CVC2), that comes with Visa and MasterCard respectively, narrowed cardholders in online payment authentication, to an affair between cardholders and their card issuers.

Payment Service Providers runs verified by Visa and SecureCode logos on merchants payment gateways system, in countries where these additional account protective service are available. Consumers purchasing at online stores bearing logos of either Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, may have their transaction stalled, until they get their cards activated. Customers purchasing at any of the participating stores, are prompted to enter their secure code at the check-out stage of payment process.

PayPal is another payment gateway that facilitate PayPal account holders online payment transactions including, other virtual payment options. It also process credit and debit cards in online payments transaction.

eCommerce Solution


Depending on size of business, delivery of ordered goods online, can be transported by the seller or outsource to courier service company to handle the shipment. Most often however, merchants enter into partnership for the
shipping aspect of their online business because of the require expertise.

Delivery of tangible goods purchased online, to customer’s shipping address is an important process that require well though-out planning. Retail merchants therefore, use to contract out delivery of goods purchase online to courier
companies for effective delivery service. Web-link of courier partners are provided link on merchant’s check-out web page for customers to access.

Costing of shipping service require careful maneuvering, to meet the competitive nature of e-commerce business. Generally, e-commerce merchants in competitive market sometimes, defray shipping cost of some tangible products in their stable, with a view to out-do one another in the market. Ebay and are popular online retail markets, where product advertisers list free shipping service in abundant as incentive to keep product prices in market competitive threshold.

Different methods are adopted in arriving at, handling and shipping charges within or outside business territory. In arriving at a service charge, factors like: weight, quantity and distance are put to consideration to calculate appropriate charges per merchandise shipment.

Reputation of courier company in handling goods and tracking record of goods in transit to ensure safe arrival of consignment in good condition to shipping address is an important criteria. Time consciousness is another aspect that should concern merchants in fulfilment of service delivery.

As expected, a customer that purchase good online, will be looking forward to arrival of his or her merchandise at specified time. Failure of the goods arrival in good time or delivered in damage condition, may result in agitation and lack of trust in the merchant by the customer. such situation can result to dispute between customer and merchant.

eCommerce Solution

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is an integrated add-on application in payment gateway system. It serve the same purpose basket or trolley cart use in super markets, to convey goods meant for purchase to cashier desk for final costing.

Shopping cart is design to accommodate as many items that customer may want to purchase. Merchant simply configure the application in his online shop dash-board to suit his store-front purpose. For good yield on investment, online store payment gateway is program to process card and non-card payment options to meet customers preference.

When customer gather enough item in her shopping cart, she’s taken to the check-out page of the store where the system sum-up the total charge including, tax and shipping cost where applicable, to determine total amount payable. When satisfy with the pricing and total cost, the customer proceed to the payment process page to pay for goods purchase. Here, she select a prefered payment option and require data field are carefully entered by the customer for confirmation.

eCommerce Solution, Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is paid version of SEO campaign of online businesses, for maximum traffic to e-commerce merchant websites. But in most searches of target audience, only few of the niche websites make the choicest position, in search engine (SE) result list. Possibility of web searchers, reaching those in the lower part of the SE list result is remote because, web surfers are not patient enough to open all websites in the result list. The task of doing this will be so enormous and time wasting, considering thousand or millions of websites that’s contain in the result list. So, majority of web shop owners are left in the wilderness of market irrelevance.

Merchants in high competitive e-commerce market therefore, require multiple advertising options to achieve visibility and attraction to target traffic. The competitive nature of online marketing, necessitate merchants adoption of a combination of two or more internet marketing options, to corner customers. Also, reality of the fact that merchants in same online market niche, can hardly make the desired first or second page result of SE list thus making internet marketing an irresistible option.

E-commerce Solution Providers as one-stop-shop and professional Information Marketers, offer different marketing solution in their system for promotion of products and services of web stores. Some of the services include:

  • Search Engine Marketing-a “Pay per Click” advertisement campaign
  • Shop listing Portal-websites specialized in marketing all class of products and services
  • Affiliate program-contracting Information Marketing professionals for online advertisement of products and service in 3rd party websites.
  • Referral and Invite a friend-an Add-on application install on merchant websites, design to appeal to patronizing customers to invite other friends’ patronage in return for a reward.
  • Opt-in E-mail Listing-a marketing campaign Add-on application, design to appeal to visitors, to enlist for news or information about visited website.

These are some of the internet-base marketing options available online that merchants use to establish their presence globally. But merchants may go further to attract local customers, using the off-line marketing medium. Electronic media like; Radio and Television in addition to Newsprint adverts, are off-line mediums available to explore for maximum customers attraction and high return yield on investment. The off-line medium sometimes provide hints like, web address that could trigger back links effect on curious would-be customers, to visit merchants website for adequate information.

eCommerce Solution

Search Engine Optimization

Using relevant single or phrase keyword content to describe the purpose and function of products or services of a website for search engine ranking is termed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As you plan to put a business on the world-wide web, conscious effort of how to make it visible to the world or target audience should be a priority. One of several options available to achieve this is, providing relevance keyword focus content on what the product or service is all about.

When website is hosted, the service provider register the website for indexing by major search engines like; Google, Yahoo! Search or MSN Bing. The purpose of search engine optimization, is to get website ranked in a free search engine listing, each time keyword or phrase, relating to the website is being search. People that search the internet, using any of major search engines to generate lists of websites result are refer to as target audience.

Achieving visibility in online niche market, that will attract target web traffic audience through search engine, requires, planning and arrangement of contents of the web pages such that, the website will rank within first 10-20 of the search result. This is absolutely necessary because, web surfers are usually impatient to go through all search engine result list. Search Engine result may contain as many as hundreds of thousands or millions result. So, content of web pages that desire good ranking, must be spiced with quality keywords, relevant to the products or services marketed to attract would be customers.

Writing content may appear simple for merchant with passion for writing and, with good knowledge of the product or service. Provided such merchant realize, writing keyword focused content in highly competitive environment like e-
commerce is an essence, he might try optimizing his business website. Since the attribute of search engine optimization is about good content, there’s no harm in trying when you know what you’re offering. But if the effort fails, the professionals are on hand to lean-on for support. Master of strategy in search engine optimization rely more on in-context text link than banners in delivering an optimized website.  They believe that conversion rate of website embedded with text links in the body of web pages attract  higher conversion of target traffic than banners or pictures

E-commerce solution providers have the Search Engine Optimization tools and professionals that’ll provide search engine friendly contents for high-ranking in keyword focus search result. Skilled writers are employ or contracted for
quality keyword focus content, that will attract search engine spider as it crawl through the web pages for indexing.

Search engine algorithm take delight in the relevance of keywords and how they’re organize in the body of web content, to rank the pages appropriately. Flourishing web shops is the handiwork of experts. Products or service marketing through natural web search is not about getting highly ranked alone, but also about visitors conversion to buying customers. E-commerce solution providers are equipped to help their clients tackle the challenges through research.

eCommerce Solution

Web Design

Web design is the visual appearance of website. Fine Artist prepare layout and organize the general outlook of web shop base on merchants prescription and products classification. The design layout can be simple or colourful depending on products or services offer. Product pictures may be relayed in static or dynamic form for eye-catching effect or space availability.

Link tabs to web content pages, providing information about products or services on display, is plan with an intent to give visitors more than one link to  web pages of the site. Contact information for customer support service, office address for visual verification and communication link such as office telephone lines are necessity in web design.

Ready to use customized web design templates is usually provisioned for use of clients by solution service providers. Merchants choose from array of design templates, that suit the purpose of their web shops, with consideration for the products or service that’s being marketed. Merchants can also upload items such as company logo from saved file to their website for uniqueness.

Graphic and pictorial arrangement of web pages play  great role in the Look and Feel effect of website appeal to visitors. Good information content about products or services, are ingredient that readily convert web visitors to customers.  Where a merchant have different opinion entirely, integration of 3rd party design software is allowed by e-commerce solution providers. What’s important in web design is the relevance of purpose of  web pages content that will create an impact leading to visitors conversion to customers.