eCommerce Solution

E-commerce Solution

Complete package of web site is commonly refer to as, e-commerce solution. The journey to successful e-commerce trading begins with nice looking and customer friendly website design by experts in the field.

E-commerce solution providers are professionals, specialized in creative web sites, rich in content and search engine friendly. Depending on clients demand, e-commerce solution providers have the capacity to research the market for existing competitors, and analyze their performance. Outcome of the research findings, will form basis of ground-work preparation for entry of the solution providers’ client into e-commerce market with ease.

E-commerce Solution is a complete web store set-up that encompasses:

  • Website Design of web shop that give a pleasant look and feel window for visiting customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization of website, that is revealing in rich contents about information of products or services on offer.
  • Internet Marketing of merchants website for consumers awareness of the web shop existence globally.
  • Shopping Cart for multiple items purchase before final costing.
  • Shipping of tangible goods to customers designated address.
  • Payment Gateway payment options available to online customers for goods purchase.
  • Web hosting of web store URL for world-wide presence.

Like in any organized establishment, the itemize keyword phrases above may be categorized as departments in a standard Payment Service Providers company. E-payment providers, provides most of the services except Shipping service, which is usually contracted to shipping companies as third-party partners. The idea behind provision of complete, e-commerce solution service is to make the PSP website a One Stop Solution Web shop service where customers can shuttle between the PSP and his third-party websites conveniently.

There are other e-commerce solution providers that provides all the solution services except payment gateways and shipping services. For instance it’s not all websites that are commercialize. Non-profit making organizations, Government, Clubs and so on, do host websites to publicize their aims and objectives. Websites of these group do not require payment gateway and shipping applications facilities. Non-profit making websites owners may prefer to patronize web hosting companies that offer e-solution service for cost effectiveness purpose.


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